About the Stars

About the Stars is an easy to use interface and cross reference for the new or seasoned star gazer. The problem with astronomical observation and the numerous star catalogs available is the amount of confusion and frustration that comes with trying to identify a star's location in the sky when the telescope operator or computer are using a different catalog then the information the star gazer has. Seasoned astronomers are used to and generally expect the cumbersome nature of digging through catalogs to cross reference these objects and most astronomers have some form of cross referencing system in place. But where does the rest of the budding star gazer public go? Usually not further into astronomy.

About the Stars uses a cross reference system I have built and been using for the past five years. I decided to open this system up to the public to help ease some of the frustrations that come with star hopping. I am always adding new catalog and object data and I am always open to suggestions. If a star you are looking for is not listed in the planetarium please contact us and let us know about the star.

We hope About the Stars helps better your star gazing experience!